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What is WeBOC and how to register through the system, required information, documentation, and the process will be discussed in the lines below. Web-Based One Custom (WeBOC) system is a web portal to file the custom duties efficiently and effectively. This portal needs registration first through the Federal Board of Revenue and the “WeBOC External User Registration Form” is needs to be submitted in the prescribed form with the required documents.

Mandatory Information required for the “WeBOC External User Registration Form”.

  1. NTN (National Tax Number)
  2. STRN (Sales Tax Registration Number)
  3. Business Address
  4. Contact Person Name
  5. Contact person CNIC
  6. Phone Number
  7. Cell Number
  8. Email I’d of the contact number
  9. Bank Account Details – Bank Name, Branch City, Branch Name, and Account Number
  10. Collectorate – warehouse (in case of the warehouse), shipping line type (in case of shipping line), location (in case of the terminal operator)

Fill up the registration form and attach the following documents and submit before the concerned Deputy / Assistant Collector User-ID Re-Validation section, personal appearance with original CNIC is compulsory for the digital picture and thumb impression.

Kinds of the Registration:

There are several types of the registration and the WeBOC user I’d be issued as per the following criteria;  

  1. Traders
  2. Custom Agents
  3. Bank Users
  4. Bonded Carriers
  5. Shipping Lines
  6. Where Houses

We will discuss the two types in detail “Traders” and “Custom Agents”.

Required documents for the Trader:

  1. Original CNIC of the proprietor.
  2. Request for the issuance of the WeBOC user-id on the business letterhead pad.
  3. Visiting card and two passport size photographs of the applicant.
  4. WeBOC External User Registration Form.
  5. NADRA verification of the Applicant.
  6. National Tax Number (NTN) certificate with “Importer / Exporter” Principal activity.
  7. Sales Tax Registration Number (STRN) certificate or IRIS-14(I).
  8. Order to grant/refuse modification to registration on application (IRIS-181).
  9. Income Tax Return for the complete current year (IRIS-114).
  10. Valid chamber of commerce certificate.
  11. The current electricity bill for the business premises.
  12. Bank Account Maintenance Certificate of the business account.
  13. Bank Statement of the last 6 months with having Rs. 300,000/- minimum closing balance.
  14. Active Taxpayer List (ATL) Sales Tax and Income Tax.
  15.  Office premises ownership proof or valid rent agreement along with the CNIC of the landlord.
  16. Undertaking on the stamp paper of Rs. 100/- along with CNICs of two witnesses.
  17. Bank Receipt pay order/bank deposit slip of Rs. 500/-.

In case of Partnership Firm:

  1. Partnership deed and Form-C or Form-D.
  2. CNICs of all partners.
  3. Authority letter on the firm’s letterhead pad for the principal officer.

In the case of Private Limited Company:

  • Incorporation certificate, memorandum, and article of association.
  • CNICs of all the directors.
  •  Authority letter on the firm’s letterhead pad for the principal officer.

Required documents for the Custom Agent:

Arrange all the required documents which are required for the registration of the Trader, but additionally attach Custom Agent License.

Note: For the custom agent the private limited company is compulsory.

Procedure for the Registration:

  1. Submit the complete file before the concerned authority.
  2. Along with the original CNIC of the applicant or the principal officer.
  3. Personal (the applicant or the principal officer) appear before the authority for the digital picture and thumb impression.
  4. Physical verification of the business premises.
  5. Order by the authority on the application that may be “Accept” or “Reject”.
  6. If the application will accept user-I’d be created.
  7. The user I’d password will be sent through the given e-mail.

The whole process may be complete for almost a week. The WeBOC registration is important for the importer or exporter. As article contains the concept of what is WeBOC and how to register through complete basic information.

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