Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan

Rice exporters association of Pakistan commonly known as REAP which is a very efficient and diligent body to resolve the issues of the rice exports. The REAP resolves the various issues like machinery import problems, prevailing limited rice research, varieties, marketing strategy, domestic problems, government policies, and international issues through its managing committee. REAP has accomplished the creditable task of bringing growers, millers, and traders of rice crop on one platform and has created mutual harmony, understanding, and affection among each other. The Association is also working to educating the people at every stage of the rice through seminars to enhance the quality export of the rice. The Association is striving for the betterment of the rice trade and also providing the road map to the Government to remove the hurdles and enhance the export.

Who may Become Member:

It is necessary for the person or body who wants to trade/export rice.

Any Individual

Partnership Firm / Association of Person

Private Limited Company

Public Limited Company

Multinational Company

Information Required for the Membership:

The following information is required for the registration of the member;

  1. Registered business address
  2. Telephone Number
  3. E-mail I’d
  4. Name of the Signatory (the signatory may be other than the owner of the business/company)
  5. Mobile Number

Note: In the case of the company or firm – Name of the Directors/Partners, Status, CNIC

  • Signature of the proprietor / partner / CEO / director
  • Proposed name – Member name, REAP registration number
  • Seconded name – Member name, REAP registration number
  • Name of the representative
  • Signature and stamp of the owner/CEO/partner

Required Documents Need to be Attached with the Application form:

The following documents are required to be attached with the application form which is necessary for the registration process;

  1. Valid National Tax Number (NTN) in the name of the applicant.
  2. Evidence of proof of filling the last due income tax return under section 114 of Income Tax Ordinance, 2001, or statement under section 115(4) of the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001. If the income tax return did not file then the appropriate certificate from the concerned Income Tax officer, confirming the same, be provided. In case the person is exempt from the filing of the return or the statement, a copy of the appropriate exemption certificate be provided.
  3. Copy of Sales Tax Registration Certificate, in the name of the applicant, along with evidence of filing Sales Tax Return (if applicable).
  4. Evidence of being a valid member of any Chamber of Commerce & Industry.
  5. A certificate, on Applicant’s letterhead pad, confirming the intention to export the rice.
  6. An undertaking that the Applicant is not a member of more than three different types of trade bodies – on stamp paper.
  7.  Proof of address of the registered office, or head office, or principal place of business as the case, maybe within Pakistan.
  8. Proof of payment of the appropriate fee for membership & annual subscription etc. (Rs. 26,250/-) in the form of Demand Draft, Banker’s Pay Order in favor of Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan.
  9. Certified copy of Memorandum & Articles of Association of Company and Certificate of Incorporation in case of a company along with the latest Companies Form 29, Partnership Deed in case of a Partnership Firm.
  10. Copies of CNICs of all the directors in case of a company/multinational corporation, all the partners in case of a partnership firm, the sole proprietor in case of a proprietorship.
  11. An authority on the Applicant’s letter-head pad, giving particulars of the proposed representative nominated with 3 passport size current photographs.
  12. An undertaking/confirmation, on the Applicant’s letterhead pad, that the Applicant has read the Memorandum & Articles of Association of REAP & that the Applicant shall be bound by them.

Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan is a bridge between the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Food Agriculture and Live Stock and also with the Planning Division of the Government of Pakistan. Whereas, the Reap is the 2nd largest export trade body of the country after the textile sector which has a great contribution to the country’s export.

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