Process of the NTN and STRN Registration

As we know NTN is the National Tax Number that is generated by one in life but the STRN (Sales Tax Registration Number) can generate more than once. It all depends upon the nature of the work of the user. In this article we will learn the complete process of NTN and STRN registration along with the details of required documents as follows;

The National Tax Number (NTN) may be registered online as follows;

Step#1: Generate the User I’d Password;

Information required for the process:

CNIC, Email I’d and Mobile Number (network not be changed)

The process to generate the User I’d Password:

  1. Generate user I’d Password by filling the registration form;

If the person is already registered he/she may e-enrolled or generate a password through forget password.

  • When the user will fill up the required form the system will send the verification codes on the given e-mail I’d and mobile number, both the codes will be different from each other.
  • After verifying the verification codes the system will send the user I’d, password and pin code that will be the same as on e-mail and mobile.

When the password generated the following form-181need to be file for the newly registered person, following information need to submit the form-181;

Documents are required for the registration of NTN. (individual)

  1. NTN form (TRF-01). (only required in manual filing, not in e-filing)
  2. Letterhead pad (having the same name and spelling of the business name and business address as per the electricity bill).
  3. Electricity bills of the business place not later than 3 months.

“The address of business and electricity bill not the same, and then an affidavit on stamp paper of Rs.50 and CNIC will be needed of the owner of the electricity meter”.

  • Property ownership proof;
  • Original registry or transfer letter or fard malkiat in case of ownership.
  • If the property is bank pledge the letter from the bank is necessary.
  • If the owner is deceased the court order needed.
  • NOC is required if the property is in the name of any relative.
  • NOC also needed if the property has some other co-sharers.
  • Registered rent deed on Rs. 200/- stamp paper or on Rs. 1200/- stamp paper in case of non-registration.

Fill up the form-181by the following information;

  1. Provide residential property detail.
  2. Provide the business details Name, business class and then link the business address by adding the business property.
  3. Attach the property documents and utility bill in the attachment tab.

Then submit the form, the NTN will be generated right after submitting the form, which can be check from the online verification tab.

How to register the Sales Tax Registration Number (STRN): (Individual)

While filing the form-181 choose one principle activity and check one business for sales tax form the given checkbox.

After submission of the form-181, the department will approve the form as “order to grant” which can be download from “Completed task”.

The sales tax registration will be done by submitting the form-14(1) and the following information is required for the completion of the form.

Documents are required for the registration of sales tax.

  1. Order to grant of form-181 file for the registration of NTN, it will download from “completed task”.
  2. Property documents of business (ownership proof, rent agreement, etc.)
  3. Electricity bill.
  4. Bank Account Maintenance Certificate.

After filling the form-14(1) attach all the required documents in the attachment tab and submit.

How to obtain the NTN of the Firm/AOP/Company?

 Documents are required for the registration of NTN (Company/Firm/AOP).

  1. Form (TRF-01) download from FBR’s website
  2. National Tax Number of all the Partners/Directors.
  3. The partnership deed must be in the prescribed format on Rs. 1000 stamp paper.

If the Firm is registered from the concerned department:

  1. Form C
  2. Form D (if needed)
  • Authority letter on Company/Firm/AOP’s letterhead pad in favor of principal officer and signed by all partners/directors.
  • Electricity bill.
  • If the address is change as form C and the electricity bill then an affidavit on Rs.50 stamp paper from the real owner required.
  • Ownership of the property or rent agreement.

Now the private limited company got its NTN at the time of incorporation, but if the NTN may not be generated due to any reason then follow this process to get NTN.

How to register the Sales Tax Registration Number (STRN) of Company/Firm/AOP:

Fill up the form-14(1), Principal Officer must be declared while filling the form.

Documents are required for the registration of sales tax. (Company/Firm/AOP)

  1. Order to grant of form-181
  2. Ownership proof of property or rent agreement.
  3. Bank maintenance certificate.

All the documents will be attached after filing up the Form-14(1) and submit. This all process of NTN and STRN registration will help you in practical field. Furthermore, may we learn how the file the come income tax return.

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