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The travel agency license in Pakistan can be gotten by the Department of Tourist Services, whereas the Department of Tourist Services is regulating the tourist services under the Ministry of Inter-Provincial Coordination, Government of Pakistan.  The department’s main cause to regulate the travel trade and hotel business including travel agents, hotels, and restaurants in Pakistan under the law. The department issue and grants the travel agency license, hotel, and restaurant license, and tourist guide license under the law. How to get a travel agency license in Pakistan through the department is a complicated procedure and we will learn in this article along with required documentation. Notwithstanding, the cause of this department to promote the travel and tourism services in Pakistan.


It is important to file the registration application before the authority, the following documents need to be annexed with the application form which will be duly singed by the applicant.

Documents required:

The application form is prescribed in the Travel Agencies Rules 1977, under Rule 3(1), according to which following documents are required with the license application: 

1. Bank Balance Certificate not less than Rs.200, 000/-.

2. An investment statement showing assets and liabilities duly certified by an appropriate authority i.e.   Chartered Accountant or Tax Practitioner.

3. An attested copy of National Tax Number (NTN).

4. Attested copies of lease/rent agreement/proof of the ownership of the premises.

5. In the case of Partnership Firm, attested copies of Registration Certificate and Partnership Deed duly attested.

6. In the case of the Private Limited Company, attested copies of the Incorporation Certificate, Memorandum, and Articles of Association, Form-A and Form-29 duly certified from Securities Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP).

7. A sketch of the office showing various counters, windows, etc. with measurement showing its covered area not less than 250 sq. ft.

8. A list of staff showing their designations, qualification, training, and experience in travel trade business along with attested copies of the supporting documents.

9. Attested copies of CNIC of the Proprietor/Partners/Directors/Chief Executive/Manager and employee.

10. Photocopy of registration of a vehicle of 800cc or above.

Bank Guarantee and Fees Chart:

S.No. Field of Operation Bank Guarantee for Main Office Fees for Main Office Bank Guarantee for Branch Office Fees for Branch Office
1. Booking of passages and baggage by air, rail, road, or sea for citizens of Pakistan or tourists for any destination. 200,000/- 8,000/- 75,000/- 5,000
2. Organize group tours for citizens of Pakistan to foreign countries. 150,000/- 8,000/- 55,000/- 5,000/-
3. Organize group tours of citizens of Pakistan or foreigners within Pakistan and organize arranging sightseeing, providing or arranging sports including shooting (Shikar) entertainment or arranging trekking or mountain climbing for tourists within Pakistan 150,000/- 12,000/- 55,000/- 8,000/-
4. Providing or arranging accommodation and transportation for tourists within Pakistan or outside Pakistan 50,000/- 4,000/- 20,000/- 2,000/-

The Process That How to Get Travel Agency License in Pakistan:

  1. The department will observe and examine the file as per requirements while filing the registration application.
  2. After the scrutiny of the file, the department verifies the character of the applicant.
  3. The inspection of the applicant’s office premises.
  4. The department issued the demand notice for the registration after verifying the bank guarantee.
  5. The department issue the license.

The department will take time to complete this process for almost a month, but the time that actually taken by the department is up to the applicant’s own effort. When the department received the application from the applicant, the department waits for the visit after the scrutiny of the documents attached to the registration application.  

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