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Punjab Rented Premises Act, 2009 is the basic law regarding the tenancy which does not only protect the rights of the landlord but also provides the safeguard to the tenant. We will learn in this article that how to file the ejectment petition in Punjab under Punjab Rented Premises Act, 2009. The following documents are required to file the petition;

Required Documents:

  1. CNIC of the Petitioner.
  2. Rent agreement between the parties.
  3. Power of attorney (wakalatnama).
  4. CNICs of two witnesses.
  5. Affidavit of the Petitioner.
  6. Affidavit of the witnesses.
  7. Any other documents which may support the version of the Petitioner.

The following specimen will help the readers to file the ejectment petition under the law. It is important to know that the ejectment petition always files from the landlord to vacate the rented property under section 15 of Punjab Rented Premises Act, 2009 that how to file the ejectment petition.


(remain space to affix the court fees)

Ejectment Petition _________ /(year)

Name, parentage, and address of the Petitioner(s).



Name, Parentage, and address of the Respondent(s)



Respectfully Sheweth:

  1. That the Petitioner is the landlady of the House Situated at——————————————-, which comprises of Fours Rooms, Store, Kitchen and a Bath which is on the upper portion of the building (mention the detail as per requirement). The Respondent entered into a written rent agreement dated —————-, amounted Rs.—————/- per month (10% annual increment), against the security of Rs. ————–/-(which already had been adjusted in the rent due to the non-payment of the rent), with the Petitioner, in respect of the above said property. Along with all fixtures, fittings, and utility connections, easements rights, etc. attached to the rented premises.

Copy of the Rent Agreement is annexed herewith.

  • That the Petitioner/Landlady entered into a rent agreement with the Respondent to meet with the financial needs, 1st 3 or 4 months went good but after 3, 4 months the tenant (Respondent) started to aggravate to the Petitioner and lame excuses on the different issues which were not affordable for the Petitioner. The Petitioner numerously tried to talk the issues with the Respondent but the Respondent’s attitude towards his obligations as a tenant become very non-serious and the Respondent stared to miss the rented amount and the payment of the utility bills. Numerous times the Petitioner requested the Respondent to recognize his obligations but the Respondent clings her bigotry. Now the Respondent not only has finished his security amount in the rent but also 3-month rent is still pending towards him.
  • That the petitioner has so many times requested and demanded from the respondent to pay the outstanding arrears of monthly rent of rented premises and utility bills but the respondent did not give any heed to her genuine request and he has failed to fulfill his obligation to comply with the terms and conditions of the rental agreement, the Respondent not only failed to pay the rent and utility bills of the rented premises but also threatened to the Petitioner for severe consequences, also breached the agreement’s content No. 9 and got a stay order against the Petitioner. Consequently, the Petitioner has been left with no option except to seek the indulgence of this Hon’ble Tribunal through the instant ejectment petition for eviction of the respondents on the following grounds:-


  1. That the respondents have failed to pay the rent of the rented premises on stipulated date i.e. 5th day of each ensuing month, since the commencement of the tenancy, therefore, the Respondent has become willful and deliberate defaulter in payment of monthly rent of the rented premises from last 3 month, thus the Respondent is liable to be ejected.
  1. That the Respondent has committed a willful and deliberate breach of the rent Agreement.
  1. That the Respondent is the willful defaulter for the payment of rent and utility bills of the rented premises i.e electricity, water, and sui gas, etc. therefore he is liable to be evicted from the rented premises.
  2. That the Respondent is reluctant to hand over the vacant possession of the rented premises to the petitioner in spite of the repeated request of the Petitioner.
  • That the cause of action firstly accrued in favor of the Petitioner and against the Respondent when the rented premises was rented out Petitioner, secondly from when the Respondent deliberately failed to pay the monthly rent of the rented premises despite repeated requests of the Petitioner and it is continuing to accrue as the Respondent has become defaulter and not willing to pay rent and utility bills till this date. That the cause of action is still continuing.
  •  That the Petitioner and Respondents both reside in (district) and rented premises is also situated at (district) therefore, this Hon’ble Tribunal has jurisdiction to adjudicate upon the matter.
  • That the required court fee of 15 rupees has been fixed on the petition.

Under the above-mentioned circumstances it is most respectfully prayed that by accepting the instant ejectment petition and passing the ejectment order, Respondent may kindly be directed to hand over the complete peaceful vacant physical possession of the rented premises to the Petitioner and also pay the arrears of rent of last 3 months along with the outstanding utility charges and also continued to pay the rent till vacation of premises.

It is further prayed that the Respondent may also be directed to pay the rent of the rented premises till the vacation of the same along with costs, profits, and penalties, etc.

Any other relief which the Hon’ble Court deems fit may also be awarded.



                   Name and Office address of the counsel


Verified on oath at ——- on this day of ——–, ——- that the contents of paras 1 to 4 are correct to the best of my knowledge and paras 5 to 6 are correct to the best of my information which I believe to be correct.


Grounds for the Eviction:

            The rented property may be evicted on the following grounds that let to know you how to file the ejectment petition;

  1. When the tenancy period is being expired.
  2. When the tenant failed to pay the rent in a stipulated time period of thirty days.
  3. When the tenant may breach any term or condition of the rent agreement.
  4. When the tenant may violate the law.
  5. When the tenant may sublet the premises without the consent of the landlord.
  6. When the tenant uses the rented premises for any other purpose which is not provided in the rent agreement.

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