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Law is one of the basic elements of a civilized society. It can be regarded as the demarcation process which makes the human dwelling in a group possible. According to a philosopher, the law is the distinction which makes us human and is purely based on our faculty of intellect, logic and common sense. Without the awareness of the law, the individuals not only go unaccounted for their actions but also would not be able to get/protect his/her rights as well/. Since education can provide awareness in every walk of life, it serves the same purpose in legal awareness. To serve this noble purpose, our law firm is providing a platform for our users to find out the solutions in the field of law. In addition to that, Mashwra shall also enable individuals to protect their rights.
The legal profession is one of the main pillars of society. It has versatility, variety, complexity and complications in its procedural framework. Before creating an understanding of the legal framework, it is very important to learn about the legal procedure. If an individual(s) wants to get/protect his/her rights, for him/ her, it is necessary to understand the legal proceedings. Our law firm will provide the complete guideline regarding the legal procedure through this platform.
The legal profession has the numerous branches i.e. Civil Law, Criminal Law, Banking Law, Law of Taxations, Business Laws, Cyber Crime Laws, Company law etc. Each field of law has its own acts, procedures, jurisdiction, and courts. Most of the time the wedged person is not able to find the right platform for getting the relief. So our law firm through this platform will provide you the complete guideline regarding these issues.
Notwithstanding, legal profession having numerous branches so it has a variety of professionals and every professional has his own expertise, it is also very tuff for the individual(s) to find the exact expert according to his/her issue. Most of the time people make the mistake to choose the professional expert for his issue and face more trouble in order to find the solutions. In this regard, our law firm also provides the guideline to choose the right consultant for his/her issues.

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